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"Calculating Traditional Root Sums"


If you have purchased either the 999 Wednesday's Sun Pick 3 Strategy or our "Play 7-15 Weekly Pair Stretch Chart", you will need to know how to calculate a root sum.


The instructions are noted below.


Root Sums


In the simplest terms, finding the root sum of a combination involves reducing its sum down to a single digit. 


For example, the root sum of 59872 is 4.


You get this by adding all digits of the number / combination together:

5+9+8+7+2=31 and 3+1=4.


You will note that the first sum of the digits added together was 31, but because this is not a single digit, we had to take the addition step by adding those two digits together to get down to a single digit--and to what is called the "root" sum.


Finding Traditional Root Sums  


Let us find the sum of these five (5) Pick 3 combinations, and then take it to its single digit root sum: 


429=4+2+9=15 and 1+5=6. 6 is the root sum of 429 


837=8+3+7=18, and 1+8=9. 9 is the root sum of 837 


063=0+6+3=9. 9 is the root sum of 063 (since the first sum is already a single digit, we stop there). 


482=4+8+2=14 and 1+4=5. 5 is the root sum of 482 


236=2+3+6=2. 2 is the root sum of 236 


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