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Lottery Predictions for All States

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Welcome to our All States Predictions Section featuring the Julian Calendar Regular Expanded (999 JC-RE) Workout

This Julian Calendar RE is a new workout that is producing hits quite nicely in South Carolina and North Carolina, so far. (Update: its now the BFD workout)

We all know that sometimes when a workout is new, it performs well and as time goes on it may lose some of its luster.

This workout, however, is based on the Julian Calendar and features 12 main combinations to play daily so we're hoping that the states that it prefers will continue to base its draws on some sort of calendar system.

At any rate, we will keep posting the workout until the hits stop coming.

As with all predictive systems, be sure to test the waters before you jump in, ie watch it for a while in the state that you are playing in before you put down your cold hard cash for the lottery tickets.

Right now this workout is in beta testing mode, but as we continue to test we hope to be able to isolate which states it favors most for producing the hits.

Hey, and if you use it with success in your state, we would love to hear from you so we can spread the word.

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