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Quick Links to "All State" Predictions Today

Here are quick links to our "All States" free lottery predictions pages for Pick 3 / Cash 3 drawings. All of these workouts are based on calendar dates so they may be useful in your state.


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All States Lottery Predictions Available for Today,

xxxxxxxx—Non Leap Year   

Tri Calendar Collection 

DayBreak Calendar Collection 

Julian Calendar Collection 

Gregorian Calendar Collection 

Good Day Any Day 20/12/12 

(includes DayBreak 12, Julian 20 and Tri-C 12)

DayBreak 63 

JC Pocket Change 63 

Greg 63 

Tri-C 36 

(includes DayBreak 12, Julian 12, Greg 12)

DayBreak 36 

JC Pocket Change 36 

Greg 36 

Tri-C Bare Bones 12 

DayBreak 20 

JC Pocket Change 20 

Greg 20 

Broad Stroke Eagles Fly Everyday---New!--includes bonus Pick 4 Predictions!

DayBreak 12 

JC Pocket Change 12 

New Pick 4 workout posted on blog today 8/24



If no workouts are highlighted above, it means there are no predictions for today. FYI, Sunday Generally Will Not Have Predictions.  

Note: The number behind the workout name indicates the main # of plays in the workout. For example Tri-C Bare Bones 12 contains 12 main combinations to play in all states today, although there may be some bonus plays listed. 

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From Our FAQ Section

Q. How do I check to see if these digits may show in my state?

A. That's a good question. Here's how to backtest to determine if the number combinations on our predictions pages may prove useable in your state lottery drawing today.

  1. Click on one of the links above. Choose a date in late July that has predictions posted, and open the page. 
  2. Go to your state's official lottery site using a second browser window and find the date you selected. 
  3. Check to see if your state's drawing had any of the numbers we listed for that particular date. Do this for the same date in previous years, i.e. 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006. 
  4. If it turns out that there were "hits" on that date in any year or several years, then it could mean that the "all states" workout might prove profitable in your state. The other way to do it is to forward test by  checking the current predictions each day for a few drawings and note if there are any hits from the workout in your state, then decide if the workout is one you want to try. 

These workouts have been backtested for NC, SC, and GA. See notes on stats on individual dates.

Try them in these states:

Arizona l California l Connecticut l Delaware l Florida Georgia l Idaho l Illinois l Indiana l Iowa l Kansas Kentucky l Louisiana l Maryland l Massachusetts l Michigan l Minnesota l Missouri l Nebraska l New Jersey New Mexico l New York l North Carolina l Ohio l Oklahoma l Ontario l Oregon l Pennsylvania l Puerto Rico l Quebec l Rhode Island l South Carolina l Tennessee Texas l Tri-State l Virginia l Washington  l  Washington, D.C. l West Virginia l Western Canada l Wisconsin

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