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Hey Friends and Fellow Lottery Number Crunchers,


Some of you may recognize me as SBIP$999, my alias at LotteryPost.com. 

I am a number chaser.

LotteryPost.com is where I got my start learning about the lottery and the many different systems players can use to reduce their number selections, and win some of that lottery money the states are giving away. (Or if you prefer, where I learned to support my state's education programs.)

I thought It would be a win-win proposition if I could learn to win some of my money back that I had been losing without having a system. 

Prior to September, 2008, I was only a casual pick 3 and pick 4 lottery player in South Carolina and North Carolina. I mainly played the numbers that I saw often on the streets, on license tags or those number combinations that kept popping up everywhere I went.

Prior to September, I worked at a call center for about 8 months processing credit card transactions for 8 hours a day. From these credit cards and customers’ addresses, I begin to notice certain numbers repeating throughout the day, and these were the numbers that I would sometimes play and hit in the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games. 

Then, when I quit the call center job, one of my relatives introduced me to LotteryPost.com.  

I do not know if that was a good thing or bad thing, but I have been learning more and more about lottery number systems ever since. Recently I happened upon some new information about numbers and decided to test my own pen and paper lottery systems and workouts to see if I could come up with a winning system. 

The results have been good, and getting better all the time. 

This site was created on 2 June with a goal of launching it on 16 June in celebration of my 9th month anniversary of being a member of LotteryPost.com.

Hey, gotta give birth to something, right? 

So why create my own website? 

Here’s what happened: On June 1, I attempted to post a third entry into my standard blog at Lottery Post and received the notice that I could only post 2 blog entries a day as a standard member. I had just created a promising new workout and was anxious to get it online so that others might use the numbers I posted to get hits in the Pick 3 lottery.  

So, needless to say, those numbers did not get posted there. Probably no great loss to the many pros at LotteryPost, but it was then that I decided it was time to create my own website so that I could update my information as much as I needed to for those who were using the information. And, since the website idea had been churning around in my head anyway, I said “Why not?” 

One of my good friends is showing me how to build this new lottery website, so please be patient with me. After all, we’re all new at something anytime we begin something new:)-- 

Players, I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know if there is some feature you think needs to be added. In the beginning I will just be posting combinations to play, but as I expand, will also post systems that I have created. 

Hey, I’m wishing you all the luck in your efforts to “Serve, Bless, Inspire and live on Purpose.” in 999 ways.  

Live, Laugh, Love. 



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Good Mate!

"Let us live while we live."

Philip Dooridge