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Julian Calender Day 228

Wednesday, 08-16-2012


My Version of the Julian TTT:






Wild 777-999

Julian Calender Day 228

Wednesday, 08-15-2012


  My Version of the Julian TTT:







In this section:


So, what are these UA digits used for?

One way I use them is to create a TTT (tic tac toe) for the day's plays in conjunction with my other workouts. Below each UA is my version of the TTT, but feel free to create your own based on what you know about numbers. Remember, 3 often equals 0 and vice-a-versa in the TTT, and any number can be a mirror of itself to create doubles for the day.  To allow for triples, you need to know a little about how #s flip, ie 6=9, 4=7, 8=5, etc.

Note: These UA digits are usually not calculated till after 2:00 a.m. each morning. They are generally posted by 10:00 a.m. on this website.

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