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Carolina Lottery Systems & Guide

Want to turn more lottery slips into Benjamins? 

Here at Carolina Lottery Systems we offer free Lottery Predictions and Step by Step "Pen and Paper" Lottery Systems and Workouts to help you do just that.

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Welcome to Carolina Lottery Systems

Hello Fellow Lottery Affectionados---

At Carolina Lottery Systems and Predictions site, our goal is to guide you through several "pen and paper" workouts to help you win cash in the Pick 3 Cash 3 and Pick 4 Cash 4 lottery games, if you are a player.

Here you will be exposed to new lottery workout systems that produce winning combinations in "all-states", but our focus will be on winning the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games in the Carolinas -- South Carolina and North Carolina.

In time we will be bringing you great articles and strategies for newbie lottery players, and our free newsletter will offer lottery tips and tricks for fresh recruits and old timers alike.

We hope to include lottery predictions for SC and NC players monthly in our online publication. What's more, you can become a standard member of the 999 Players Club today. It's absolutely free.


Who is Your Lottery Guide?

Your guide here at Carolina Lottery Systems is "SBIP$999". Many of you will recognize her from her popular blog at the LotteryPost.com forum .


How hard is it to win the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery in the Carolinas?

So how do you win the pick 3 and pick 4 lottery in the Carolinas? You could create your own system(s) which many people do. Or you could take the easy way out and try our free pen and paper lottery systems that will be posted here in the near future. Then again, you could do both.

To help you get started, we're posting SBIP$999's combinations to play in all states from her calendar based workouts. These workouts perform well in a lot of states, however, we have only tracked them in the Carolinas and in Georgia.

Currently we offer predictions from three different calendars, including the very popular Julian Calendar workouts. Except for our "bare bones" collection, we use our knowledge of numbers and how they manifest themselves to embellish the dates to predict the hot digits for today's lottery draws.

Our JC Pocket Change 63 workout is derived from the Julian Calendar, and we even show you how to do a workout with the calendar as posted in our lottery systems area.


Supporting Education While Playing to Win...We help you do both

So, do you play the lottery to help create more educational opportunities for the good citizens of your state, or are you playing to win so you can have a few extra dollars in your pocket at the end of the week?

Why not do both? We believe it is possible to do both when you use your head and pay attention to detail. With our lottery systems we constantly bring order to randomness.

Look, the way we see it ... someone's gotta win all that sickle and nickle (SCEL and NCEL) dough that both North Carolina and South Carolina are giving away. Why not you? Why not us? Working together we can create systems that work.


Let's Collaborate...

While you're here, take a moment to look at some of our all-state predictions to see if any would have been a winner in your state on a given date. Who knows, by using some of our systems and predictions, you just might be able to turn a few more bet slips into Benjamins.

And if you already have a system that is working well for you, why not share it with us and we can in turn share it with our readers. We know they would appreciate it.

Contact us and we'll see to it that you get all the credit for your ideas and contributions. So please let us hear from you.

As this site evolves we know you will be pleased with the lottery information we will be sharing, and we know that you will find value in it.

Again, we invite you to join our newsletter today so you can be notified when we post new articles to the site and new workouts for your winning pleasure.

So, until we hear from you, we are wishing you all the best in cashing in on your lottery dream ticket!

You deserve it!

And if you remember nothing else... know that...

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Good Mate!

"Let us live while we live."

Philip Dooridge